Dear Editor,

What helps us make decisions only we can make? What inspires us to choose what is best, for us, for family, for the community, and beyond? For many in this part of the state, the choice to vaccinate is rare, around 25 percent! I’ve been puzzled why we avoid doing what doctors and scientist’s agree is important not only to the individual but the community, the country, the world. Plenty of people have made the choice based on rumors and unproven information.

For me, my choice to vaccinate is based on what two church friends who are doctors at CDC say, on the science that explains its safety A grandson’s fiance’ who was a nurse in New York City where the COVID pandemic caused so much death and hospitalization said she was assigned to meet people at the door to the hospital to turn away all but the extremely ill because they were running out of beds. Did you lose a loved one?

Thankfully, the surge is a thing of the past. But could it return? Last week, Habersham had five new cases in one day. None were reported most days previously. I fear the Delta variant will get a foothold. It is spreading rapidly, in the least vaccinated, rural areas.

It may not make us any sicker, but huge numbers could be infected, and our hospitals and medical providers could be stressed. It is possible masks could be mandated, businesses locked down, a repeat of 2020.

My choice early this year to receive the Moderna vaccine gives me peace of mind for my own safety. I am deeply concerned for the many I meet here in North Georgia who have chosen not to vaccinate, or postpone doing it. It takes six weeks after the first shot to be 95 percent safe. Waiting too long might be the difference between health or an illness, hospitalization or even death. Please reconsider your choice?


Mary Ellen Myers


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