Dear Editor,

The Maysville election for mayor and council member on November 5 will be the most important vote in the city’s long history. We are at a crossroads. This election will determine the future of our historic, wonderful town.

Maysville completed an update to the city’s comprehensive plan last November. The plan called for action to “retain and build off of the existing historic areas.” It also recommended “developing building codes and code enforcement” to prevent dilapidated buildings from continuing to be visible scars on our city. The plan recommended action to revitalize Main Street and to develop streetscapes as well as expansion of sidewalks. Absolutely nothing has been done almost one year later.

There was also discussion of putting signs at the entrances to our city like those used in historic Gillsville and Commerce, which could publicize our town’s founding date, but nothing has happened.

In May and June, Maysville’s planning and zoning committee recommended two ordinances to the city council for implementation of the Comprehensive Plan’s recommendations. No action has been taken on these proposals even though much research and work was done by the citizens who volunteer to serve on the planning committee. Furthermore, six months later, the minutes of the council meetings don’t even mention these specific proposals under “old business.”

The city’s mayor should make it a priority to communicate with citizens about these important decisions. The city’s website does not contain any information to inform citizens about any specific issues regarding the future. Minutes of the last couple of meetings are not on the website!

The mayor of Maysville should be a leader who engages the community to be involved in the vision for and direction of the city’s future. The mayor should communicate with citizens to ask for feedback regarding issues affecting the town.

Simple technology exists to enhance the city’s website for posting comments from citizens to provide input for the council. After all, the council is tasked with representing the will of its constituents.

The incumbent mayor has had eight years to carry out the visions he mentioned in a published questionnaire several weeks ago.

Please carefully look at your choice for Maysville’s next leader who will pave the way to implement the vision and planning for the next critical phase of Maysville‘s history. We can either be proactive, inclusive and take action to preserve our city’s heritage or we can sit by and watch Maysville get swallowed up by unsightly development that will only serve a few.

Please, let’s take charge of our options and manage Maysville to make it the historic Victorian town of which we can be proud.


Elaine Gerke


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Ronald Attaway

Well said I will be voting for a new Mayor!!!

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