Dear Editor,

I woke up early this morning aware that in some families there would be conflicting feelings about the apparent outcome of the election for president. As a single living alone, and whose family members all have the same political leanings, I can only imagine how difficult those discussions may be.

I believe that love is more important, that we can accept each other, even a president, while not agreeing with their actions or words. In all major faiths, the commandment is to love each other as well as ourselves. This is easier to say than to actually feel and act on. However, the opposite of that is to say hateful things, threaten harm, support those who are angry and dangerous.

I am very certain this country will survive as a democracy, but we have to recognize the president’s effort to discredit a very basic part of our constitutional rights, free and legal elections. If we don’t accept the results of carefully conducted elections, we are losing the right to our democracy. I believe the election in Banks County was carefully and fairly carried out and thank those who worked in the polls and the Board of Elections for all their time and risking exposure to possible virus carrying voters. I hope we will all take a deep breath and feel gratitude that we live in a free country.

Mary Ellen Myers



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