Dear Editor,

Two days later, I am still reeling from Tuesday’s “presidential” “debate” for it was neither presidential, nor a debate. When we have a president who refuses to allow for an open, honest exchange of ideas and ideals and who interrupts and yells at every turn, the losers are all of us.

What if a middle school civics class were assigned to watch this debate as a learning experience? What message are we sending our children? That it is okay to bully, yell and mock people who disagree with us?

Yes, we are the United States of America. But the last four years has seen a huge divide in the”United.” The leadership of our country is responsible for this and has put us in the most vulnerable of positions both within our borders and throughout the world. Sadly, the U.S. is no longer the respected country which used to be the world leader. Just read the comments from across the globe after the debacle in Ohio. The only way we can change things is to vote.


Elaine Gerke


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