Dear Editor,

I’m tired of staying in, too.  I want to have people visit me, go to restaurants, worship in a church and sing those hymns.  But until we have assurance a vaccine is safe and we have a chance to have that, I’ll make do with keeping alive.

As a senior, perhaps fragile citizen, I worry that the current popular idea of herd immunity, letting people get sick and develop antibodies, is sure to mean loss of life for a lot of us not so healthy, vulnerable Americans.  Do our lives matter? 

Seems the herd immunity crowd wants to “eat, drink and be merry” and doesn’t care about the rest of us.   My grandson went off to college this fall, and a month later tested positive for Covid 19.  It was a light case, not too sick, recovering.  But no antibodies!  His serology test came back negative.  I don’t think we know that just because we have the virus that makes us immune to catching it again.  So much for herd immunity!


Mary Ellen Myers


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