Dear editor:

The rise in gun violence in Georgia and Boulder has reminded us of the every day danger we face, not from criminals, but from well-meaning citizens who carry loaded guns or who use powerful weapons to justify their fear, sometimes irrational, by killing others. I’ve lived many decades and this is the most dangerous period of time for gun violence I can remember.

Guns everywhere has not made us safer. Liberal laws about ownership and use of guns has resulted in great tragedies, not all making the news. Certainly the mass shootings are front and center. But families have experienced many horrible experiences of children shooting their playmates, unaware of the finality of death or the danger of fire arms. No parent expects this, but leaving a loaded gun where a child can find it, is a huge temptation to most children. Suicides are at a steep increase, especially during the pandemic.

Leaving guns in unlocked cars gives any person looking for a quick pawn item of value an easy grab. We know that guns are often used by people who have problems with anger, or delusions of making the news in a big way.

Laws before the Senate now are not extreme. They have been opposed by those who benefit from the sale of guns, either at stores or in gun shows. NRA is a lobby for the gun manufacturers whose main goal is to increase their profit.

Can’t we just re-think the second amendment constitutional crutch? It was created during a time far different from today when guns were muskets or single shot pistols. It was passed for the purpose of well-trained militia armed to defend against the British should they try to take back control of this freedom-loving group of pioneers. Now too many think individuals should be able to defend against people they see as dangerous. The dangers are from laws that permit wide ownership of assault style weapons and ammo. This puts us all at risk.


Mary Ellen Myers

Alto, GA

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