When we had our first grandchild, I experienced what grandmother love was all about. It’s indescribable and it’s incredible. As my Maw Maw Thompson’s birthday is just around the corner, I began to think about how she loved me. Some of the best times of my life were spent with that lovely lady.

As a young girl, I could walk to Maw Maw’s house just about anytime I wanted to go. We had time to make so many memories. I remember rising early for a hot breakfast and then a walk to the garden. We were greeted by the morning glories, and I can still envision the rows of jonquils that seemed to go on for miles. Just down the hill was where they harvested mountains for fresh vegetables that would get our families through the winter.

One of my favorite spots was the strawberry patch. Maw Maw would make a pouch out of apron and we would fill it full of those delicious berries. We’d go straight in the house, wash them, and she’d fill a bowl full of them, coat them with sugar, and top it off with a little milk. Then she’d start making a strawberry cobbler that would be ready just in time for dinner.

We fell into a routine and every Friday night, I’d pack an overnight bag to go and spend the night with her. Lots of memories were made, but one in particular stands out to me. It’s July, or maybe August, and the nights could be sweltering with no air conditioning. Not for me. Maw Maw would fan me with one of those little paper fans until I fell asleep.

I had the chicken pox and there she was at my house. Papa brought her over to rub medicine on my sores. She was a mighty good doctor. We had Absorbine Jr that she’d rub on my tempers and forehead when I had a headache. Then my knees were often red, when I scraped them, and she covered my wounds with Mercurochrome. It wasn’t the medicines that cured me, it was the loving touch of my grandmother.

During the summer, they would take me grocery shopping with them and at times we would run into the soda shop to get an ice cream cone. Oh I remember that black Chevrolet so well. I felt like a princess every time I got in that car with Maw Maw and Papa.

As the years come and go, I can only hope Nate and Rylee will sit back one day and reflect on my love for them. If I can be half the woman she was, I know they will look back, smile, and say, “What a Grammy!”

There was nothing fancy about Maw Maw; she never had a driver’s license, and I really don’t even know if she graduated from school. I mostly remember her in a pair of black Ked’s tennis shoes, a cotton dress, and an apron. As January 20 comes around this year, it’s a most important holiday to me. It’s the day God sent that angel into the world, and she became one of the grandest people in the world to me.

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