I’ve been called “old-school,” and I’ve referred to my younger days as “back in the day.”

It all started when I ordered pizzas with my co-workers. I noticed everyone was staring at their phones when I came back from getting some cash out of my wallet. I walked up with cash and someone said, “Old school!” I mean being old school was okay with me, but it took me a couple of minutes to figure it out. Ah! Ha! I suddenly learned that everyone else was using a cash app to pay for their share of the pizzas. Hey in my book, “Cash is still king.”

It happened again when I spent the holiday with my grandchildren. I don’t know when my fingernails had been so brown, but that kind of thing happens when you’re cooking in the dirt. While Nate and Rylee were making mud pies, I began to tell them that Grammy used to do that all the time. It brought me back to those silver pie tins that I would fill to the brim and dish it out to my family. Things were much simpler then.

There are many others things I remember from being a child of the 70’s. As we loaded up the fireplace with logs on a cold winter day, it took me back to my Maw Maw and Papa Thompson’s house. I can remember burning huge blocks of coal in the cook stove at their home.

Believe it or not, I also remember a doctor making house calls. In that same room with the old stove, I can visualize my mom curled up under the covers and Dr. Harry Hutchins walked through that door with his black bag.

Growing up, my mom always had supper ready at 5:10; that’s when my dad rolled in from work. That may be considered old school, but gathering with the family, without cell phones, allowed us an opportunity to truly fellowship. It almost seems like that’s a thing of the past. We have sports, meetings, and a hundred other things that keep us from sitting and having a meal together. My prayer is that we will get back to the table and focus on our family for a few minutes.

The kitchen table is also a wonderful place for a game night. I’m not talking about those games on our phones or gaming systems, I’m talking about BINGO, Monopoly, and Operation. When we hovered around a board game, I didn’t have to worry about missing a text or an email; it was all about good clean fun with my family and friends.

I wonder how many people still get together as a family to read the Bible and pray. I know we want our families to grow in the Lord, but it takes a conscientious effort to make it happen on a daily basis. At that point, it becomes a familiar part of the nightly routine. While visiting my son Zach, Casey and the kids, I gathered around the living room with them. They read from the Bible, and then they talk about the things in which they are thankful. Next, they talk about prayer requests. Then they pray. It melts my heart when I hear Nate say he is thankful for me, and he also has a prayer requests or two. That may sound like an old-fashioned way to spend time, but I promise, it is very important. It’s a time to gather around a paper copy of God’s Word without distraction. It’s a time to pass down a tradition that will stand the test of time if we will be faithful to do it.

I cannot complain one bit about where technology has taken us today, but I do know one thing, we had some good things going on back in the day. My prayer is that we will pass these age old traditions to our family from generation to generation.

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