Everything was going according to plan at church on Sunday. We were about five minutes away from singing and praising the Lord. That’s when the back door popped open and in walked a family we had not seen in at least six weeks and they had a good reason to be out of church.

Tommy was headed home one Wednesday afternoon. He’d went to the barber shop for a trim, and thankfully he was alone when he was blindsided by another vehicle. I remember that night all too well.

We received the call at church, and we immediately began to pray and believe for our brother in Christ. It wasn’t long until our director hit the road to meet the family at the hospital, and we carried on with church.

Honestly the news didn’t sound very good……trauma to the head……..bleeding on the brain were some of the first words spoken by the medical professionals. By the end of the service we received another call and we heard broken neck, plenty of cuts and bruises, but NO blood on the brain. So we walked out of the church with a prayerful heart and a praiseful heart as well, and we continued to pray, and God continued to work in Tommy’s life.

What a welcomed site to see Tommy with his wife, his daughter and son-in-law, and two grandchildren walk into our presence on Sunday. Dawning a neck brace and keeping a walker nearby “just in case he needs it,” I almost ran to him and asked him if he was up for giving a testimony that day. That’s all I felt I could ask for but we ended up with a whole lot more. He sang with his family, then he began to speak of the goodness of God.

He told us he claimed healing for his neck and the collar would be off when he goes back to the doctor. “Then I want each of my family members to wear it two days,” he joked. Then he got very serious. None of us know the day or the hour when our life will hang in the balance. Nor do we know if we will stay or if we will go.

“If you were to die today, where would you end up?” That was his words to us. The man was within a mile of his home, but he almost never made it back to his earthly home.

He continued to refer to the video of the accident. My mind was reeling. How in the world does a person have a video of a wreck? God worked that out. The entire accident was captured on nearby fire department cameras, and the video is quite a sight to see. When it was all said and done, it shows Tommy hanging upside down in the vehicle after being tossed to and fro for what seemed like an eternity to him, I’m sure. Oh there’s more, but I don’t want to spoil the testimony that Tommy has to tell. I’ll just saw we are never alone! God, Our Protector, is always on the scene.

Tommy couldn’t sleep for days. He would go from the bed to the recliner and back again. It seems as if the recovery process is going well, but it could take some time. I believe that’s okay with Tommy, because God is by his side, and he is growing closer to the Lord each day.

You know when Tommy had this experience he had a choice. He could have gotten mad at the Lord, or he could run to the Lord, and that is what he did. He’s looking for every way possible to give God the glory. He’s looking for people to tell that his God is a healer and a protector.

As we face situations in our lives, we also have a choice. We can allow God to use the hard times so we can grow closer to Him. We can use our struggle to give God glory and use the platform to tell others about our Lord. I believe Tommy felt like Paul…..to live is Christ and to die is gain. My prayer is that each of us will look to the Lord in the good times and in the difficult times. God will always make a way.

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