It seems to be getting warmer and warmer as the dog days of summer roll on. I was in South Georgia a few nights ago and I did something I haven’t done it years, and it took me back to my childhood.

I flipped on the ceiling fan when I went to bed that evening. No. We didn’t have ceiling fans in our home, but we had an attic fan. Dad would turn it on at night, and with our windows open, fresh cool air would fill the room. For a few minutes the other night, I almost felt as if I was in my childhood room, and it was a precious reminder of days gone by.

While the ceiling fan kept us cool on those hot nights, I began to think of other remedies we used back in those days. If I ever had a headache my Maw Maw Thompson would bring out the Absorbine Jr and rub it on my temples and across my forehead. If I ever went over to her house with a scrape or any kind of wound, she’d paint it with some type of red medication. My sore would be red for days, but it was healed in no time at all. If I ever got a bug bite, especially chiggers, she would mix up butter and salt to cover every last one of them. While the remedies were important, I believe it was the love and care of my grandmother that really made the difference.

Over the years I’ve learned about other remedies. If you are prone to nausea, add ginger root to a glass of water. Keep that in the refrigerator until your stomach seems to be rolling over and over. Drink the ginger infused water and it’s sure to help! Of course Aloe is the cure for burns, while a honey and tea mixture should take care of a cough. It was such a blessing to get back to my early days and remember some of the lessons I learned.

What about our early days with the Lord? It may be time to remember the day when we could not wait to tell others what the Lord has done for us. Maybe there was a time when our heart seemed to leap when we got to church. We may have longed to sing, praise, and fellowship with other believers.

When I remembered my childhood, it made me want to jump for joy, and our life in Him should do the same. He loves us with an everlasting love; He brought us from darkness to light and lost to saved. Maybe we haven’t fallen into sin, but we are so busy. Nothing is more important than a close relationship with Him. Once God is in His proper place, everything else will work out. Let us, once again, look to the Word of God with anticipation, and may our hearts leap for joy when we think about what He has done for us.

May prayer is that we will take a look at our relationship with God and make sure He is a priority in our lives. He is and will always be the remedy for our sins. His forgiveness is the cure for our eternity. May we remember our first days with the Lord; let’s us return, and live this gift of life to the fullest.

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