Goals….we all have them or maybe we’ve had them. Lately, I’ve been reminded of how important goals are in our lives. I believe there are several elements of goal setting that will help us to be more successful. Let’s face it, sometimes our goals have turned into a pipe dream, but that’s not always the case.

There is one goal that seems to be very popular. Most of us want to lose weight and exercise, and we’ve got to start somewhere, so why not now. Please don’t set a lofty goal at first. Let’s say I need to lose 50 pounds; that sounds nearly impossible, and I would most likely give up. A better idea is to set small goals. Let’s say I would like to lose ten pounds in two weeks, and I will exercise at least three days a week for thirty minutes.

Our next goal may be to change up our style of eating. I’ll begin to write down what I am eating, and take a good look at what I’m putting into the temple of the Holy Spirit. I can promise you this. When I start to stress eat, I’ve eaten four bite sized candy bars without a second thought. It doesn’t sound so bad until I see it on the paper. Oh yes, I’ve got to include the two hands I filled with potato chips while running out the door. A tid-bit here, and a tid-bit there begins to add up. When my doctor scolded me recently, she told me carrots and bananas would really fill me up. So another short-term goal I have is to switch to a more healthy diet. Yes. It can be difficult, but I promise you, after a few days, I crave carrots. That’s got to be a God thing!

We may also begin to look at time management. I know many people are just like me. We are stretched thin and it seems as if we have one hundred things to do every day! I’d start to make a list. My list includes short term goals and long term goals. (I’ll have to give the credit to one of my best friends and my hubby for this idea. They are the king and queen of lists). It is gratifying to draw a line through one thing and then another. Once I started making short term lists, I noticed I do a lot of things than I never realized. Still, what a feeling it is to go item by item until that list is history. I’d put these in a notebook, and look back after a few weeks, and I think you will be proud of yourself. My advice is to keep God at the top of the list. Proverbs 16:9 tells us, “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” So please be sure to make prayer, meditating on Scripture, and praising the Lord a priority as HE will lead, guide, and direct us every single day.

It’s October and the holidays are quickly approaching. I can’t think of a better time to start making small goals and making lists so we do not overextend ourselves as November and December rush in. Most importantly, let’s keep God at the center of our lives and may we honor him with all of our activities today, tomorrow, and forever.

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