Don’t judge a book by its cover. That old saying came racing into my mind as I heard a lot of news about someone, I thought I knew very well when I was much younger.

This lady was in church every Sunday, and she lived in my neighborhood as well. I spent time with her children, and I didn’t see her as a caring person in her home. Actually, she seemed somewhat aloof, and I promise you, she never looked in my direction when she drove past our house. Today, I realize we need to keep our eyes on the road. Yes! I had formed my own thoughts and opinions about her then our paths went in separate directions. I had not heard from her in many years until she popped up on my social media.

Just this year I heard a long story about this lady. Many years ago, she became like a second mom to two mutual friends when their mom passed away. She includes them in so many activities and invites them into her home. When I heard all of this this, I decided this woman may be a saint. Her arms span for thousands of miles; she did and still does so much for people everywhere. Here’s the thing. She goes about her business under the radar. She doesn’t tell everyone what she’s done; she just does it. Oh my! I’ve been so wrong, and truthfully, I’m glad!!

Looking back, I’ve had the tables turned on my family as well. My brother, Keith, is a great guy. I don’t believe anyone works harder than him; he is a sweetheart to his family. Just the other day, I told someone that I can always depend on him no matter what. When my car won’t start, he’s there. When I have a flat tire, he’s there. When I need an astronomical favor, he is the first one I call. Now I am not throwing Chris under the bus because he helps me a lot, but Keith’s schedule is flexible, and I can call on him when Chris is working and can’t leave or when he was traveling for work.

Many years ago, I took a friend to my brother’s house. She had the audacity to tell me she didn’t think my brother was friendly; she even eluded that he was “stuck up.” Oh man! She was totally out of line and totally wrong. The guy is shy! That’s the bottom line.

I truly think that is one of the greatest misconceptions in people. If people don’t act like we think they should, we judge them, and our thoughts may be very wrong.

I’m sure there are many examples when we wrongly judged someone, or they were way off base about us. We don’t know what people are going through; maybe we should look beyond the cover.

This week I have been reminded that we should not judge a book by its cover. Contrary to what the world may say, there are still a lot of good people. Let’s not write a person off so quickly. Actually, God may have placed them in our lives to let them see Jesus in and through us. If we shut the door, we may miss a blessing and a beautiful friendship as well.

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