First, he called me Mae; then he called me Gram. Today, he calls me Gram-Gram with such light-heartedness and Grammmmmyyyy when he wants to scold me for playing jokes on him. From the moment I looked at Nate Lewis on September 7, 2017, he has melted my heart.

Everyone told me it was the most special kind of love between a grandmother and a grandchild; they told me I would have to experience it, and I was totally taken off guard to experience the most precious kind of love. I’d say the Lord outdid Himself when He created our grands.

Zach and Casey came to visit us in February, and gifted us with an ultrasound photo and text which read, “Only the greatest parents become grandparents.” Oh, I jumped for joy that very day, and I waited with anticipation to meet our little fellow. When he was born, I was so excited to see him, but the look on my son, Zach’s, face, was priceless. What joy it was for me to see my son welcoming his son into the world. Oh, the joy! Oh, the responsibility! Thank the Lord we have His Word and His guidance to lead Nate every step of the way; for that I am so very thankful.

If I were to describe Nate at 4 years old, I’d say he’s a fun loving, Paw Patrol adoring, fast growing little boy. He thrives in the outdoors; he’s a chicken farmer and he has been known to sell a few eggs. I’ve known his Paw Paw Chris to pay $15 or $20 a dozen, but those are the most special eggs in our world.

Nate had a bull named Frankie even before he could walk. Over the past couple of years, the two of us would sit at the fence and feed that 1,500 pound “pet” all sorts of bread and sweet treats. He inherited a couple of pups, Lima and Cornbread, and he feeds those gals every single day and makes sure they have fresh water to drink. He has learned about farm to table as he and his parents grow all sorts of vegetables to grace their table. I’ve seen him at the smoker with his dad; I’ll be he’s learning to bar-be-cue to perfection.

Nate loves the ocean just like his Grammy. We’ve run towards the waves then scurried back as fast as possible to avoid crashing and being consumed by oncoming waves. We’ve searched for shells and built gigantic sand castles. We’ve eaten peanut- butter and jelly sandwiches under the beach umbrella and in the back yard as well. I didn’t know a PBJ could be so delicious. Of course, every meal is topped off with a handful of Cheetos PAWS and maybe some ice cream.

He loves a splash-pad, passing the ball across the yard, making mud puddles, and driving his battery-operated Jeep. Oh, what an imagination. He drives to the store and brings me all sort of sticks and rocks for supper. Of course, I cook them up and we have an amazing pretend meal.

While I have amazing memories of all of our days and nights together, I am most proud of one thing. His parents dedicated him to the Lord when he was just a baby, and I’ve watched Nate learn what it is to serve the Lord. When Nate was two, I arrived at church and he was taking up the offering, of course his dad was behind him if he needed a hand. I’d say the tithes and offerings most likely doubled. He’s also helped with the Wild Beast Feast as his dad spends the night there to be sure all of the wild game is prepared to perfection for all to enjoy. He’s also part of the clean-up group when his family cleans the church. I’ve watched him vacuum the carpet in the sanctuary just like he was doing it unto the Lord. He’s said the blessing before our meals since he could talk, and he has Bible reading and prayer with his parents every evening.

There are so many things I love about my grandson. I love the little fingerprints on my windows; I love when he tells his mom, “Let me hold Grammy,” when we FaceTime.

I love when we get up in the morning, and he says, “Get me some chocolate milk?” after I turn on his favorite shows. Then we just snuggle on the couch and I marvel at one of God’s greatest gifts to me.

I am so thankful that God assigned me the role of grandmother. As the years roll on, I ask Him to continue to bless us with health and give us many years of adventure together.

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