I have so many mixed emotions this time of year. It was the middle of the night. The temperatures were in the single digits, and our furnaced was working overtime. Chris and I went to bed like any other Saturday night. We set our clock to be sure we were on time for our Sunday church service. Things didn’t go as planned. Before we morning arrived, our house had been turned to ashes as we watched a fire take every material possession we had. We walked away with the clothes on our backs, and thanks be to Almighty God, without a scratch on us.

As I reminisced about this event, it came to my mind that many people find themselves among the ashes of their lives. It may happen when a loved one dies; it could happen when our companion walks out and slams the door to end a marriage, or when bills are piling up and we have no idea how dig ourselves of financial ruins. We work two jobs, or three jobs, but still find ourselves borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

Sherry Lewis is worship leader at Water's Edge Ministry and is a resident of Maysville.

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