It was Friday afternoon; I met Chris at home; we threw the suitcase in the car and we were off. We were in a race with time to spend every single minute we could with our grandchildren, Nate, 3, and Rylee 1. As we cruised to South Georgia, we talked about the past, and we both agreed, this is one of the best seasons of our lives.

Although, we both find good in every season. I remember living at home with my parents without a care in the world. I went to school and enjoyed our family time on the weekends. Some of my favorite memories from this season had to be the shopping trips with my mom, our family vacations, and sharing a big bowl of popcorn followed by a little cup of ice cream with my family on a Friday night.

As a teenager, my focus turned to my friends. I wanted to go to the movies, or go to dinner, or go to the football game to socialize. At that point in time these activities seemed so important to me, but my favorite memories have changed a lot. Now I think back to my home on Hidden Circle, and remember the make shift baseball mound where my brother and I played catch for hours. My friend and I would play school; we would also have church where we sang and I read from Matthew 6.

Next came the college years; the added responsibility required of me hit me like a ton of bricks. Still I was studying, working part-time, and life was good. I had all my grandparents, even though old age and health issues were taking a toll on them. A couple of my favorite memories now, seemed like a weight back then. My grandmother would call me every day to see if I was okay. At 18 years old, I had no idea why she was so concerned. She also requested that I make her an egg custard pie almost every single week. Years later, it dawned on me that my pie may not have been one for the record books; she just wanted to see me.

The next season of my life happened when I met a nice fellow while working at a grocery store. Within a year we were married, and enjoying our lives. Life was simple! I cooked dinner each night and even got up and made him breakfast before our little boys were born and captivated our attention. Some of my fondest memories during this season were vacations, chasing water falls, and raising all sorts of animals with my family. Today, the sweetest memories I have are praying with them on the way to school, and praying for them when I dropped them off. I knew God would send a special person to them. I prayed for their future companions, and I lifted up my grandchildren who would come much later.

We have so many memories of the great things God has done for us over the years. We’ve also suffered loss, but our loved ones have gained heaven, and we live with the promise that we will see them again. We’ve also experienced new life with our toddlers. Our priority continues to be God’s plan, but I see His blessings as He gives us the desires of our hearts. This season allows us to spend time, and love on these babies. There will be a lot of adventures, and there will be many tents made out of quilts, blankets, and furniture.

I love looking back on my life, and seeing God’s hand at work. Honestly these seasons come and go like a snap of my fingers. Our priority is to point the grands to Jesus. I’m going to pray for them, and model a godly lifestyle in front of them. I’m believing this season is going to be the best season. In the crazy world around us, I’m trusting God to allow us to raise up a mighty man of valor in Nate, and a Mary in our granddaughter, Rylee.

I pray that each of us will look around at where God has placed us at this time. Seasons come and go, but let us use the time God has given us, to make an everlasting difference in the world in which we live.

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