I recently remembered a nursery rhyme that I’d heard many years ago. I had not thought of it until I spent the week with my 18 month old granddaughter. She is one of a few girls in our family.

When I first held Rylee Ann; I didn’t really know what I would do with a baby girl. I’d been around boys all of my life. I had a brother; then I had sons, and my grandson, Nate, made me a grandmother.

The English rhyme, which was possibly written by Robert Southey, goes like this:

What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice. And everything nice. That's what little girls are made of.

Rylee is sugary sweet, and she’s tough as nails. She has to be. Not only does she hang with Nate, she has two cousins, Tucker and Hank, who live nearby. So, she’s got to take up for herself at times.

She’s all about big bows and lacy dresses; she picks out her clothes most every day. She will quickly let you know if an outfit meets her approval for the day or if we need to keep on looking.

She’s scares me every time she goes down a slide that seems like it is coated with butter. She zips down, lands on the ground, and her biggest problem is the dirt she got on her hands when she hit the ground. That’s nothing that a wet wipe can’t take care of and she is ready to go again.

Rylee plays in the sand box, and she loves the swimming pool, but they don’t hold a candle to her baby dolls.

This Grammy didn’t play with dolls. In fact, I was the biggest tom-boy around. To this day, I still think about one of my Christmas presents when I was ten or so. I got a football uniform and it was about a mile too big. That’s the smallest one they had, so my mom fulfilled my wishes.

While spending time with Rylee, I realized I missed out on playing with baby dolls. It’s not that my mom didn’t try. We would go to a doll show to pick me out a doll. I can remember leaving empty-handed because I didn’t see a thing that I wanted.

Thanks to Rylee, that has all changed, and I am having a blast! Not only do we have a baby doll, we have a pack-and play, a high chair and a carrier. We just tucked the baby in for the night after a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Still it gets even better. I never realized they had toddler clothes with matching baby doll clothes. Rylee and her baby looked pretty spiffy with their matching pajamas.

I’m sure I have more things to learn about bringing up girls, but I’m amazed about how it’s going. I’ve wanted a baby girl for a long time, and at times I wondered why the Lord had not answered my heart’s desire. Now I know why. God’s timing is perfect, and when he gave me my baby granddaughter, she was perfect for me and our family. I thank the Lord for our baby girl.

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