Flag, monument to get lights in Veterans Park in Homer

The flag, monument and frame in the Veterans Park in downtown Homer will get lights thanks to efforts of the American Legion.

A report on the project was given at the Homer Town Council work session meeting Tuesday morning. Mayor Doug Cheek reported that the American Legion will pay for the part of the cost of the project, with the city to pay for half of the cost.

The town council also discussed several matters related to Chimney Oaks, including the road right-of-way at the townhouse developments. City officials said the right-of-way is 29 feet from the center line but, according to city documents, it should be 40 feet. City clerk Carol Ayers said she had notified the head of construction about this. Mayor Doug Cheek asked that the owners of the development also be notified.

The council also discussed the water repairs at Chimney Oaks. A water line was broken earlier and the water bill from his time has not been paid yet. The council agreed for the attorney to handle this issue.

Other items discussed at the meeting included:

•an update to the city website. Council members reviewed several items suggested by councilman James Dumas.

•reviewed the appointed members on all city boards and committees.

•discussed bids received for repairs on York Street, Church Street and Parson Street.

•heard from Mayor Cheek that there has been no news on a proposed round-about on Hwy. 98 and Historic Homer Highway. the council agreed to contact Rep. Chris Erwin about possible funding sources.

•discussed the well site and possibly asking the geologist to look for another site.


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