Dear Editor:

The recent opinion column from Oct. in the Banks County News by Chris Bridges rang true. He wrote about loyalty. It is good in our relationships, but it can be a problem if it means we stand by a person or a party, or other group that goes in a direction we know to be wrong, against the common good. I think we choose to be loyal to persons or parties based on what or who we like, or based on what others say.

One of those sayings that help us through life is: “Think for yourself.” One way to do that is to weigh the pros and cons. What fits with our values, what doesn’t? What is legal, and what isn’t? What will benefit me, and what will benefit family and community, country, world? Too often we just go through life from day to day, accepting what our favorite TV personality says, or what a political leader says.

If we think about the future, our children’s and grandchildren’s future, our decisions about how to vote is very important. Who can we trust to care about their future? What does our faith tell us is the right path? Think for yourself.


Mary Ellen Myers, Alto

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