The Lula City Council held a brief meeting Wednesday, April 1, via live video to amend the employee handbook related to federal and state laws due to the coronavirus.

Citizens could watch the meeting live via social media. The only action taken was to amend the employee handbook to address concerns related to the coronavirus. This included mandating that employees not report to work with COVID-19 symptoms and to address leave time and compensation related to this.

Those present for the meeting included Mayor Jim Grier and council members Matt Hamby, Garnett Smith, Marvin Moore and Lamb Griffin.

While this was the only action taken at the meeting, the mayor did said he is proud of the businesses and civic groups in Lula that have voluntarily taken actions to stop the spread of the coronavirus. He said there is “a real sense of community in Lula.”

“I am really proud of the responsible actions that have been taken voluntarily by our restaurants and other businesses within the city of Lula to limit the spread of COVID-19 within our community,” the mayor said. “The restaurants and businesses serving food to the public have voluntarily closed their in-door dining area and are now offering curb-side, take-out or delivery as options to responsibly serve meals to our citizens. Hair salons and nail salons have voluntarily closed; doing their part to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Other businesses, like our auto repair shops, have taken a common sense approach to distance themselves from customers to stop the spread of this virus. Meetings planned within our city have been cancelled or conducted online or by phone. The Lula Belton Historical Society, for example, and the Lula Business Association voluntarily cancelled meetings last week. The chamber of commerce has cancelled the spring job fair, the career expo and the seventh grade career fair.

The mayor went on to say that there is a “real feel of community” in Lula.

“There is a real feel that has emerged in and around our community,” Grier said. People are staying home. Friends and neighbors have gone shopping for each other so they both don’t have to go out. People are staying connected by phone, Facetime or other video conferencing tools. People are even driving up to someone’s yard and having a conversation with someone standing on the porch without even leaving the car. We are being creative about maintaining connections within the city and in our relationships.”

The mayor also encouraged everyone to use “common sense” to stop the spread of the virus.

“Follow the suggestions from the CDC about washing your hands frequently, maintaining a safe distance and not touching other people, and, for goodness sake, please, stay home,” he said. “If you must go to the store, wait until you need multiple items. Make a list and please, go in and get out of the store quickly using the appropriate social distancing. Parents, please don’t let your teenagers congregate and hang out as usual. They are putting themselves and their families at risk when they do this. Let’s work together, use our common sense. Keep calm and carry on. We will get through this together.”


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