On Monday, the Lula City Council discussed several items, some which will be voted on during the meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, September 21.

The following items were discussed:

•the purchase of more water meters at a cost of $205 per meter from Delta Meters. City manager Dennis Bergin advised the council that the city’s number of meters on hand was getting low and meters are being either replaced or installed on a weekly basis.

•software upgrades that will be required by the city when Delta Meters upgrades its software program to the cloud.

•Bergin advised the council that the annual maintenance on the generator at the Wastewater Treatment Plant had been moved up due to the generator failure recently.

•Bergin also reported the engineering had been completed on the Oconee St. water line upgrade and culvert repair project. He asked the council for direction on putting this project out for bid with a January 2021 date for the project to be completed. The funding for this project will come out of the city’s Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) revenues.

•a request from Ryan Chitwood with A&R Homes for a reduced rate on tap fees for 162 lots in the Magnolia Station Subdivision. Bergin said Chitwood was requesting to receive the in-city rate for the tap fees instead of the out-of-city rate – amounting to a $324,000 savings. Several council members voiced concern about this setting a precedent for other developments. The council suggested annexing the property which is located at the entrance to the city’s wastewater treatment plant. Bergin said Chitwood was interested in annexing into the city. Bergin said he would pursue additional information on the possible annexation from Hall County officials.

•Bergin told council members the city had been approved for $46,500 for Part 1 of the Cares Act, with a decision on $14,158 for Part 2 in progress.

•meeting with the city’s Human Resources Committee on COVID-19 facility issues, such as: social distancing, the number that can gather together, and cleaning practices, for the city’s city hall, parks, depot, etc.

•Bergin reported the Lula Depot title resolution could require an amendment to the lease agreement with Norfolk Southern Railroad to adjust boundaries recognizing adjoining property.

•applying for a Department of Natural Resources grant with a 50-percent match from the city for additional park property. The deadline for the application is October 31, 2020. Bergin said the minimum grant award is $25,000.

•the November 3 election with City of Lula residents voting on a Sunday Alcohol Sales Referendum. City attorney Joey Homans advised he would verify the voting procedure for Banks County residents inside the city who would need to vote on the referendum in regards to them having to go to two places to vote.

•a request from Kim Martin for a refund of $132 for a building permit that was issued in March 2018 for improvements on property at Chattahoochee and Cobb streets. Bergin said the city’s permits are good for one year from the time they are issued.

•Mayor Jim Grier advised the council that Friday, September 25, would be Lula Day at Jaemor Farms and the council was invited to the event to begin at 10 a.m.

•the city’s Christmas in the Park event. This will go to the festivals and parks committee for a recommendation.

•Bergin advised the council that 700 hours of personal leave had been accumulated by city employees. “It is going to be hard to use all the leave time by the end of the year due to so few employees,” Bergin said.

•council member Garnett Smith reported a resident on Belton Bridge Road had requested a “Children At Play” sign be put up along the road, due to one of his grandchildren getting hit by a car at this location recently.


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