Zachary Lurie (right) and his attorney, Dave McDonald, (left) are shown at a hearing Tuesday evening before the Banks County Board of Commissioners.

The owner of Maximum Powersports is going to have to get approval of a conditional use permit in order to offer dirt bike training on his property.

The Banks County Board of Commissioners held a hearing on Tuesday, June 15, to discuss a code violation of the current conditional use permint that Zachary Lurie has to operate the business at Columbus Drive.

County officials said the current conditional use permit that Lurie has that was issued in 2018 was for repairs to be made inside a shop on the property — not for any outside activity.

Lurie was instructed to apply for an additional conditional use permit to offer dirt bike training to youth. This will have to go before the planning commission for a recommendation and then to the BOC for a vote; a process that can take up to six weeks. In the meantime, he was instructed that he does not have authority under his current permit to offer training outside on the property.

At the code violation hearing on Tuesday, Lurie’s attorney, Dave McDonald, said his client “does not take the concerns lightly.” He said Lurie does not want to offer any racing on the site and only wants to offer training to youth.

He said that his client would address concerns from the neighbors about noise from the outside training by installing a sound barrier or buffer.

Lurie also spoke and said he would only offer the training from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“I want to work together so I can be successful for myself and my wife,” he said.

BOC chairman Charles Turk pointed out that he and code enforcement officer Paul Ruark had gone out to the property to tell Lurie to stop the racing. He asked why the activity continued after this visit. Lurie said that he was offering training, not racing, which is why he thought it was OK to continue.

The attorney said his client would immediately begin the process to seek a conditional use permit to operate outside training, under the agreed upon mid-week hours.

Commissioner Keith Gardiner said, “We don’t want to pull your license. We just want peace with everyone around you.”


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