I just want to say thank you Ken Mize for your 51 years in law enforcement. There have been so many children that you have made a difference in their lives. You are loved by so many, I am proud to say that I can call you my friend. There have been lots of good times we had from taking kids to Six Flags, doing bike rides for kids, planning the Relay for Life and just a lot of great events. Enjoy your retirement, it is well deserved but I know you will still be around to help the community.

The community was saddened to hear of the passing of Carolyn Mote. She leaves behind daughter, Pam Alford, and son, Paul Mote, sisters and brothers-in-law, Brenda and Daniel Webb of Dawsonville, Joan Cochran of Commerce, Peggy and Hoyt Lovell of Gillsville and Delores and the Rev. Tony Goss of Clarkesville; grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephew, and a great host of family and friends. Mote was a teacher at East Hall Middle School before retiring and attended Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. She will be greatly missed.

Happy birthday to: Jordan Boyle, Liam Webster, 2, Carol Ayers, Keith Gardiner, Caelan Whitfield, Andyn Poole, Carol Rylee, William Bray, Keith Williams, Karen Sears, Cindy Autry, Charlene Brown, David Wilson, Skyler Bolton, Mary Bell Echols, Janice Bray and Sara Long.

Happy anniversary to: Kenny and Joyce Crumley, Steve and Jan Parks, Jeremy and Brandi Pace and Greg and Candida Minish.

Those who are sick in our community and need prayers are: Carl Clough, Dexter Parson, Tiarra Ervin Barker, Sammy Reece, Tatum Bolton, Sandra and Horace Whitfield, Stan Westmoreland, Ken Mize, David Dunson, Jane Dunson, Janice Sims, Officer Joshua Robertson, Mike Pace, Molly Jo Thomas, Wanda Parks, Sammy Meeler, Phil Scales, Cindy Thomas, Larry Whitfield, Alex Strickland, Scott Standridge, Regis Lewallen, Ruth Justus, Amanda Justus, Pat Farmer, Donna Campbell Marcus, J.T. Parson, Barbara Massey, Beverly Wood, Leigh Ann Scales Allen, Tim McCoy, Jacqueline Wilson, Carolyn Standridge, Chad Standridge, Kim Crane, Toney Massey, Billy Massey, Chester Hewell, Edith Goodson and Kenneth and Betty Parson.

Willene Boyle compiles community news from Banks County and Commerce. To get an item listed, email it to her at willene.boyle@windstream.net or call her at 706-677-4200.

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