Gillsville residents plan to form a Neighborhood Watch group due to an increase in crime.

“After the issues with theft, crime, and break-ins there is an interest in a Neighborhood Watch Program," council member Larry Poole said at the October council meeting.

City residents reached out on social media and there was a lot of favorable response. Poole said he talked to the sheriff’s department and they are willing to help get the program started.

Two of the benefits of the program are the Neighborhood Watch signs and an instant response phone line in case any suspicious activity is spotted. While this will not be a city run program, Poole said he would like to see the council support it.

In other business the council approved an offer by realtor Cindy Segars to take over the Christmas in Gillsville program this year. She will hire a professional Santa Claus, furnish additional decorations and take care of running the event from beginning to end. The council agreed they would work with Mrs. Segars to come up with a date. The event will be free to the public.

In other business the council:

•heard from Hal Chitwood, operations manager of the Bureau Veritas Group. He addressed the council about the building inspector needs in the city.

•discussed the success of the Pottery Festival.

•discussed possible annexation of property on Hebert Segars Road.

•were presented with a new city map that was prepared by the Georgia Mountains Regional Commission following the updated census data.

•discussed the Church Street project. No decision was made.

•rolled the ad valorem tax from 4.929 mils to 0. There is no city tax in Gillsville.


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