Banks County Department of Family and Children Services Director Kenny Jarvis said at the monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 21, that there is money in the state budget for new buildings, and Banks County is one of them. Jarvis said Joe Watkins, with the Department of Human Resources and himself have done their work on the space plans for a new building and they have been submitted to the State Properties Commission.

Jarvis said, “I am hopeful that in the next two months we will see something happen.”


In other business at Wednesday’s meeting:

- Jarvis presented the county expense report for April. The county budget for the year is $33,784. $26,678, which represents 78.97 percent of the budget, has been spent through April. Two months is left and Jarvis said he expects to come in under budget. “We should have a surplus of $1,000 to $1,300 left in county funds. “I would like to purchase six flat-screen monitors for the office,” Jarvis said. Jarvis said he recently purchased some for the Stephens County office at a cost of $210 each. “I will do everything to stay within the budget,” Jarvis said. The vote to approve the purchase of the monitors passed unanimously.

- Jarvis presented the economic support services report for April. The report shows 53 applications for food stamps, 9 applications for temporary assistant for needy families, 59 family Medicaid applications, and three applications for childcare.

- Jarvis presented the monthly social services report for April. The department had 23 child protective services referrals for the month, 21 of these were accepted and two were screened out. Banks County has 13 children in legal custody, one child boarding the county and three supervision cases. Banks County has five foster homes available, and two homes that are under study, both are fairly close to being approved, Jarvis said. One child was adopted during the month of April, Jarvis said.

- Jarvis reported that the annual foster parent appreciation banquet was held on Tuesday, May 20, at the Homer United Methodist Church, with five foster parent couples attending.

- Jarvis announced the Field Staff Awards banquet to be held on Wednesday night, May 21, in Atlanta.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the DFACS board will be held at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, June 18, at the DFACS office.

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