Homer City Council continues its struggle with drilling a new well for its water system.

The council met for nearly 30 minutes Feb. 14 in a closed session to discuss a potential site for a new well.

No action was taken after the closed session. The council had sent a letter about a potential site to Bobby Blackwell in January. Council Member Cliff Hill said Blackwell had told him he would be at the council meeting, but he was not. Mack Garrrison, owner of another potential site, asked in January about more acreage being needed and the amount of use on the road.

The council delayed two issues, one about management services for telecommunications and one a request to close part of Bellamy Street as a public road. The council had an agreement with the Georgia Municipal Association for management services for cable and telecommunications. A number of questions were raised about the agreement, most revolving around what services it would get for how much money. Mayor Doug Cheek said the basic cost is $1,000 a year, but council members expressed doubts about what that service would be.

Council members agreed to ask city attorney David Syfan of Gainesville to attend the next meeting, March 14, to discuss the issue. Cheek suggested the city needs assistance with its services. He said the city “really (doesn’t) know what we’re getting paid for.” He said such a contract could help “see if we’re getting paid the right amount of money.”

The mayor also encouraged council members to go to Bellamy Street and look at the road and what would be closed. He said if council begins accepting such requests, it will get others.

For more information from the meeting, see this week's issue of The Banks County News.

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