In a work session on Monday, the Lula City Council made it clear that a city tax will not be imposed again this year.

Mayor Jim Grier asked if the council intends to continue in this direction; with a nod, council members were in agreement.

“Our revenues will support this,” said Grier. An official vote on this matter will take place at the regular council meeting next Monday. Citizens have enjoyed the tax roll back for the last 20 years.

The council also talked about ongoing improvements at city hall. The city has received two bids for the roof replacement; the council agrees the money for this project should come from the general fund. Grier told the council a Lula resident has offered to take care of the mold remediation project at no cost. He said more details would be forthcoming.

In other business the council discussed:

•the addition of the Audio-Video adaptation equipment and installation into the capital improvement budget.

•changes in the garbage collection schedule which will begin on October 4 and 5.

•the fiscal recovery grant application which has been extended until October 31.

•the October Halloween and Fall Harvest Promotion. There will be one winner per district, and the prize is a $100 credit on the water/sewer bill.

•sewer line I. The bid was approved before the pandemic is 2020. Grier said the contractor would honor his original bid on labor costs, and the only additional charge would be for the increasing costs of materials.

•city employees who worked through a waste water treatment issue in a matter of days and offered praise to them.

•the 365 well land acquisition project. The city has two of the necessary parcels, and one additional easement negotiation is underway.

•that there will be a public hearing on the Comprehensive Future Land Use Plan next Monday. The planning commission gave the land plan a nod on September 7.

•the movie in the park which will take place on Friday, September 17, at sunset. Activities will begin at 6 p.m.


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