Are the so-called impeachment hearings still going on?

If so, why?

Anyone with any piece of a brain knows full well President Trump is not going to be removed from office. It’s not because half of the country would revolt (I truly believe that would happen) but because this whole dog and pony show is about nothing other than partisan politics.

Has President Trump done some questionable things while in office? He probably has.

Has President Trump been as unorthodox as anyone ever to be in the White House? The safe answer here is “yes.”

In the end, however, Republicans are not going to vote to impeach President Trump.

I am not a lawyer or any kind of legal scholar, although I have followed presidential elections for decades. All presidents have and will do things many Americans don’t agree with.

One legal expert I do put stock in is Judge Andrew Napolitano. He has said that President Trump has done some things which are technically illegal. Even so, it doesn’t seem there has been enough done to remove a president from office.

Certainly, a case could be made that former President Bill Clinton did much more serious things during his time in the White House. Taking advantage of a young, female intern is not the action the leader of the free world should do. I am also not naïve enough to think Clinton is the only president to have ever done that. With power comes many opportunities that most of us will never comprehend.

Yet just as Democrats would not vote to remove Clinton from office, Republicans are not going to do so with Trump, either.

The nightly cable news coverage seems to have no end, although I have a feeling most of us wish it would end and end now.

If a president has done something that warrants his removal from office, then voters have that power. No politician, be it the president or anyone else, has the right to multiple terms in office. It’s why I have never been for so-called term limits. If voters are too lazy to vote someone out when it is warranted, then voters get what they deserve.

Polling numbers rise and fall with every president but recent numbers are now showing Trump leading in most key battleground states against various Democratic challengers. It’s tough to defeat an incumbent president and if the Democrats nominate the wrong candidate they will lose the presidency again in 2020.

We are now just weeks away from the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire presidential contests for the 2020 election. Citizens have the power to elect a new president. I say enough of the political circus going on where both sides have become downright silly.

President Trump is certainly not perfect as some contend, but he is also not the worst occupant of the White House in our country’s history.

The refusal by both sides to see beyond the hand in front of their face has become laughable and even nauseating.

So it appears we will have the circus barker continuing with the so-called impeachment nonsense. Our country is better than this. We have legitimate issues which we should be concentrating on. For goodness sake, enough is enough.

Winder resident Chris Bridges is a former editor of the Barrow News-Journal. He has earned awards from the National Newspaper Association, the Georgia Press Association and the Georgia Sports Writers Association. He welcomes feedback about this column at

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Virginia Moss

Everybody knows there aren't enough votes to remove Trump from office. That's not what this is about. It's about an opportunity for the Democrats to formally present their case(s) against Trump to the American public with actual facts and testimony using public media for free. The latter strategy was Trump's little trick and partly how he got elected. It's brilliant and efficient, saving tons of money. And this "circus" will be formal, organized, reasonably fair and well covered.

Sexual improprieties are wrong and embarrassing and are nothing new on God's green earth. They have never affected me no matter who has been involved, certainly not Clinton's. So he lied about it and got caught. How did this lie in any way affect me or anyone I know and most people I don't know? It didn't; not one bit. I don't really care. I never liked the Clintons.

I do care that Ukraine not be consumed by Russia. I do care that foreign governments are infiltrating our election processes and spreading their own propaganda to weak-minded Americans who can be manipulated into supporting candidates that will give our enemy's what they want. I do care that my country have allies around the world to help keep me safe from the aggression of enemy countries. We cannot defend ourselves alone. I do care that my country has become increasingly corrupt over the past 40 years to where we are now ranked in the middle of the list, nowhere near the top. I do care that we adhere to our constitution and to the rule of law. Without either we are no better than the many failed states found world wide.

Of course Republicans want this to be over. It will be and soon. It may also be revealing to those who pay attention with an open mind and their heads in reality. That's what they are most afraid of so they keep up the look-over-there and the this-ain't-no-big-thang strategies. Time will tell.

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