Dear Editor:

I read with great interest the editorial in the September 29 edition of the Banks County News in which the co-editor actually said there will be a “civil war” in 2024. I felt impelled to write to congratulate him on being in the same league as the New York Times and Washington post, among other leading media outlets. His hyperbole and hypocrisy is as breathtaking as that of those papers and most of the rest of media, “social” or otherwise.

It is also exquisitely ironic that his piece is on the same page as my letter regarding the Covid scamdemic at the end of which the editor (the same person I wonder) both implies that my reference to America’s Frontline Doctors is “misinformation” and actually assays that my assertion that masks and social distancing do not afford the protection our federal government and its Propaganda Ministry, the media, assure us they do.

I wonder how much actual research the editor actually did on his inflammatory editorial that is full of “misinformation” and the note trying to debunk my letter? I actually have done a tremendous amount of research on both the matters he opines about that he says will cause a “civil war” and the note following my letter.

That research shows first of all that the “violent assault” on January 6 at the Capitol was neither “violent” nor an “assault” as far as the vast majority of those at the Capitol are concerned. Indeed, video withheld by the government until a judge ordered it released last week shows a peaceful group being guided into the building by Capitol police. There is substantial evidence being suppressed by the Propaganda Ministry that this event was not at all as you falsely and over broadly describe it.

I also wonder why the editor was strangely silent last summer when there actually was an violent armed insurrection by BLM/Antifa (incredibly openly supported by the Democrats in our government and the Propaganda Ministry) in numerous cities that even included the seizing and declaring “sovereign” territory portions of several of these cities? That is actually the textbook definition of an insurrection that those at the January 6 event have falsely been accused of. Surely he is not biased.

As for my assertions about masks and “distancing,” there have been numerous papers and studies done before and during this scamdemic that actually do undermine the assertions by the government that they “protect” us from covid. Curiously, almost all those that have been done since covid have been pulled down off various websites and otherwise suppressed just as any contrarian information no matter how eminent the scientists are.

The people who read your paper are intelligent and have common sense. They know when they are being lied to whether by the government or the editor of a paper.

I think many of them would say your repeated and over-the-top misinformation about Covid and the “civil war” you say is coming is the pot calling the kettle black.


James Shi



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