Dear Editor: Listening to the news, I began wondering how our commissioners would choose how to use the money voted by Democrats in Congress to upgrade the infrastructure in this country.

One high priority is to replace bridges built many decades ago. Several of these are in Banks County. One on Wynn Lake Road was upgraded a few years ago when it became unsafe.

I hope our commissioners will choose wisely. Certainly a lot of us would like better internet reception. I have to go out of my house to get reception on some days.

Would it be feasible to add solar panels near our school buildings to provide electricity and save money on power bills? Schools in Tennessee have been doing this for years. Some even provide covered spaces in parking lots that provide shade in the hot months.

A request I have is to provide better warnings of road closures. More than once I’ve arrived at the spot where a road is closed to do important repair and discovered I have to turn around and find another way to reach my destination. This has happened at railroad crossings and recently on Homer Yonah road where a gas line is being laid and a bridge is out. Surely a sign could alert drivers how to detour these road closures.

Let us all think of how to spend this infrastructure money wisely and tell our commissioners what we hope for.


Mary Ellen Myers



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