As long-term residents of Banks County, we lovingly call it home. We are generations deep in this community, and with affection, embrace the life steeped in rural tradition. Farmland surrounds us as the life of the Atlanta suburbs ebbs our direction. But in the midst of the slow transition we see coming our way, we keep putting our stamp on life in these hills of Northeast Georgia.

It has been our resolute honor to give back to our community in the strongest way possible— our children. And most recently, we had the privilege of giving back in the most sacrificial way we knew how.

We gave you our oldest son, Samuel Parks. A graduate of Banks County High School in 2019, he took confident strides toward giving himself to our community, our state, and our country back in May of 2021 as he stepped foot on the hallowed grounds of Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina.

Samuel Parks signed up to become a U.S. Marine and went through Boot Camp with the 2nd battalion, platoon 2065, Company Hotel. On Friday, September 3, having faced and completed all that the Marines challenged him with, he graduated with the rank of Private First Class and Rifle Expert. He endured every obstacle that his Drill Instructors put before him as a son of Banks County and did us all proud. He faced, confronted and overcame each and every battle. For you, for us, and for our future, he pressed in.

Now at Camp Geiger for Marine Combat Training in Jacksonville, North Carolina, he continues his training so that upon completion, he will be all the more ready to serve this great nation as one of the few and the proud….a guardian to his family, his community, his state, and his country. As his family, we could not be any prouder to give him back to you all. May he be as much your hero as he is ours.

May God protect him and all our Military as they serve this great Nation.


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Marilyn Emerson

My husband I and are both Marine Corps. Veterans. We support and applaud this contribution. We know first hand that it's not just the Marine who contributes but the families through their support and encouragement as well. Thank you for supporting your Marine, he will need it more than you might ever know. There are quite a few local Marines, should you ever need anything...all you have to do is ask. Semper Fidelis.

Marilyn and David Emerson

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