Ward White who presented the requests from “NG Banks County 206 LLC and “NG Banks County 704 LLC," presented plans for a development at the Martin Bridge area to the planning commission.

The Banks County Planning Commission recommended denial of two rezoning requests from a businessman who wants to bring industrial development to the Martin Bridge area of Banks County.

The planners recommended denial at its Nov. 17 meeting of both requests presented by Ward White who presented the requests from “NG Banks County 206 LLC and “NG Banks County 704 LLC.” The Banks County Board of Commissioners will take final action on the requests when it meets at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 24, at the Banks County Annex in Homer.

The requests are to rezone a 212.08-acre lot on Neal Rd./Hwy 63, from ARR (Agricultural, Rural, Residential) to M1 (Industrial) and to rezone a 688.6-acre lot on Bennett Rd. from ARR (Agricultural, Rural, Residential) to M1 (Industrial).

The problem the planners had with the request is that the developers do not have a specific industry named for the property.

“What you are telling us is very vague,” planning commission member Brian Mathis said.

Planning commission member J. O’Kelley added, “There is a list of 23 things (in this zoning classification). We need to know what you want to put in in case there are studies needed. This is a broad spectrum of things.”

White said he is looking at “warehouse and distribution” but anything more specific would be “pure speculation.”

“The interest we are receiving is distribution and warehouse,” he said.

Planning commission chairman Jack Stewart said, “This is like signing a blank check. We need more information.”

Several people spoke in opposition to the request, including Sam Moon, who said, “It’s all about money. That’s why we have a landfill and coal ash. Don’t screw this county up.” We’ve been screwed up enough. We don’t need a rendering plant. That is what it will end up being.”

Marissa Campbell also spoke in opposition, stating that her concerns include traffic on the road and inadequate infrastructure.

Scott Ledford, chairman of the county development authority, spoke on favor of the request, and said rezoning the property in this area at Martin Bridge Road as industrial is been part of the county plan.


In other business at the meeting, the planners recommended approval of a request from Holdings LLC to rezone a 13.4-acre lot at 2928 Hwy 59 from ARR (Agricultural, Rural, Residential) to M1 (Industrial). This lot wraps around an 126-acre lot rezoned in 2019 for a steel manufacturing business. This request will also go to the BOC on Nov. 24 for final approval.


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