Dear Editor: There ought to be a law to stop hate speech! Our president recently called for it: “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.”

The shooter in El Paso spoke of his hatred of the invading Mexicans. He targeted a Walmart where many Mexican Americans and Mexican citizens were shopping just before school began.

He may not know his history. Our government conquered Mexico and took away all of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and more from the Mexicans who lived there long before our citizens did. It may be that wouldn’t matter to the shooter, since his belief system is often supported by the president in his rallies and tweets.

Don’t he and all citizens have the right to free speech? Legally, they do, but morally our elected leaders should consistently accept all citizens as equal. Separating truth from lies challenges us all.

I am hopeful after each mass shooting that our legislators, local and nationally, will consider and pass sensible gun laws. The NRA is losing credibility with internal leadership accusations and changes. They are still capable of contributing huge sums of money to prevent any regulation of gun sales. Only citizens can do anything to change the grip of hatred and profit that drives the carnage.

Only you and I with our vote can say “no” to hate. Let’s use our vote to elect leaders who will model civility. Voting is a powerful form of speech.


Mary Ellen Myers



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