Commerce native and Banks County Middle School student Cooper Hancock took home the top prize in the 10-12 Jr. Dragster division in Saturday’s (Sept. 11) Summit Series Bracket Race.

Hancock defeated Gainesville’s Leonardo Rodriguez in the 10-12 Jr. Dragster finals. Both dialed in on an 8.90, Hancock ran an 8.949 ET while Rodriguez ran an 8.932 ET.

Cooper Hancock wasn’t the only winner in his family that day as his mother Ashley defeated his father Jeremy in the parents race after a year of banter between the couple on who would win in a drag race.

The Hancock’s bested 10 other parents, each racing in a jr. dragster, to meet in the finals. Jeremy dialed in on a 8.77 and ran the track in a 8.819 ET, while Ashley dialed in on a 9.15 and ran a 9.170. Ashley also beat Jeremy off the line with a staggering reaction time of 0.031.

The event also featured a tribute to champion racer Dickey Forrester who passed away last week; and recognized the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

The event was one of the last for Atlanta Dragway which closes permanently in October.


Commerce natives also battled in the Super Pro finals. Susan Spikes ran a 4.962 ET on a 4.95 dial-in to defeat Mark Hancock who ran a 4.962 ET on a 4.95 dial-in. Spikes dedicated the win to her father Tim Johnson who passed away on Sept. 7 from cancer.

Corey Reid from Winder won in the 5-9 Jr. Dragster division. The 10-year old defeated 7-year old Camden Clark. Reid ran a 12.009 ET on an 11.90 dial-in while Clark ran a 14.021 on a 13.90 dial-in.

Jefferson native Steve Wagner finished second in the pro division. He ran a 6.413 Et on a 6.40 dial-in, not quick enough to defeat J.C. Gibson in the finals. Gibson ran a 7.080 ET on a 7.06 dial-in.


Other winners at the Sept. 11 Summit Series Bracket Races were:

Sportsman: Mike Puckett def. Brian Lyle. Puckett ran a 14.543 ET on a 14.52 dial-in; Lyle ran a 12.518 ET on a 12.40 dial-in.

Box Motorcycle: Jason Hofer def. Tim Sutton. Hofer ran a 9.476 ET on a 9.25 dial-in; Sutton ran a 5.728 ET on a 5.72 dial-in.

No-Box Motorcycle: Jason Hofer def. Ken Ford. Hofer ran a 9.476 ET on a 9.25 dial-in; Ford ran a 9.174 ET on an 8.98 dial-in.

13-17 Jr. Dragster: Michelle Vancica def. Hannah Lindsey. Vancica ran a 7.981 ET on a 7.90 dial-in; Lindsey ran a 7.980 ET on a 7.93 dial-in.


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