A temporary traffic light is in place on Hwy. 59 while a round-about is being constructed.

A temporary traffic light has been placed on GA Highway 59 in Banks County while a round-about is being constructed.

"We continue to see increased development in the Georgia High-Tech I-85 Corridor which is bringing prosperity to our region," economic director Richard Brooks stated. "Banks County in its part of the corridor is taking proactive steps to ensure that traffic will continue to move freely by creating a new roundabout on GA Highway 59 east of the intersection with GA Highway 63. While this construction is underway, a new temporary traffic light is in place on GA Highway 59 just east of the intersection with GA Highway 63 reducing traffic to one lane."

The roundabout is on-schedule to be completed by the end of April 2021, at which point the traffic signal will be removed.

Charles Turk, chairman of the Banks County Commissioners said, “We are continuing to invest in the future of Banks County by using grant funds and sales tax revenue to ensure that traffic continues to flow and development in the Georgia High-Tech I-85 Corridor continues.”

Scott Ledford, chairman of the Development Authority of Banks County, said, “Banks County will be participating in the 1st Annual Georgia High-Tech I-85 Corridor B2B Partnership Virtual Conference with the Province of Ontario, Canada, on June 2 at 2 pm, which is great news for the residents of Banks County.”

Brooks stated, "Banks County’s vision is to continue to develop high-tech production, mixed-use housing, sports complexes and commercial developments along the Georgia High-Tech I-85 Corridor in Banks County, enhancing the county’s reputation as a great place to work, live and play while still maintaining that rural feel and environmentally pure landscape."

The Georgia High-Tech I-85 Corridor extends from the intersection of Highway 985 and I-85 to the South Carolina border, encompassing one mile from the centerline to either side of I-85, through Gwinnett, Barrow, Jackson, Banks, Franklin and Hart counties.


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