Three reports of shoplifting at Walmart were filed with the Banks County Sheriff’s Office, including the following:

•a woman bagged up several items at the self-scan and left without paying for them.

•a woman placed lower priced tags onto higher priced items.

•a woman didn’t scan all of the items she put in her bag at the self-scan aisle.


Other incidents reported to the sheriff’s office include the following:

•a Caudell Road, Homer, man said that a man at his residence, who was intoxicated, shot his dog while it was chained up, killing it.

•dispute between several people at a Yonah-Homer Road, Lula, address.

•a Glenn Road, Lula, man said he was in the process of moving out of the residence when several items belonging to him were stolen.

•an intoxicated driver was reported to be running over things in Zip’s Car wash at Banks Crossing.

•a Maysville woman reported that her car tag is missing.

•a woman reported that another woman reportedly made threatening remarks about her after she took her ex-boyfriend, who the woman is now dating, a basket of food to the hospital after he was in an accident.

•dispute at Scottish Inn after a man refused to pay for a room that he had stayed in for the past few weeks.

•a woman said someone struck her vehicle while she was working at Banks Crossing and didn’t leave a note or report it.

•a woman said she gave a man over $2,000 and he said he would repay it but he has not.

•a Lakeview Drive, Baldwin, resident said an Amazon driver hit his vehicle and drove off without telling him.

•a deputy wrecked a patrol car when he hydroplaned while going to a call. The deputy left the roadway, struck a mailbox, crossed the road and struck an embankment.

•hit and run when a woman said a man backed into her vehicle at Chick-fil-A and left the scene. She said she tried to follow him and get his tag number but was unable to do so.

•hit and run on Old Highway 441, Alto, when a motorist struck a truck and did not stop.

•burglary at an Ervin Chambers Road, Maysville, residence when a woman said someone stole her television.

•battery during a dispute between two people at the Scottish Inn.

•simple battery and criminal trespass during a dispute between two people at a Stevens Road, Commerce, address.

•reckless conduct at a Grant Mill Drive, Alto, address , when a woman said someone shot her dog with a pellet gun.

•trespassing at a Hidden Valley Drive, Alto, location when a man said someone he has told several times to stay off his property had refused to do so.

•battery at a Hebron Court, Commerce, address during a domestic dispute between a couple.

•camper damaged at a Carlan Road, Commerce, address.

•burglary at a Pritchett Road, Lula, residence when clothing, kitchen appliances, a dresser and other items were taken.

•a woman stopped by the sheriff’s office to file a report that a man made threats toward her and her fiancé.

•a man said someone stole gas from his lawn mower at a Highway 98, Homer, address.


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