A new welcome sign is now in place in downtown Gillsville.

Welcome to Gillsville! After months of planning, the downtown area now has a new welcome sign.

Gillsville councilman Larry Poole has worked for several months gathering prices and trying to find someone to paint a mural over the faded sign on the downtown building.

The logo and welcome sign, prepared by Dave Wiley Graphics, was installed in panels covered with plexiglass for protection from weather and vandalism.

At the city council meeting on Dec. 3, Poole said he is very satisfied with the results and, with the plexiglass covering, the sign should last for years to come.

In other business at the meeting:

•the council approved increasing rental fees for the downtown buildings. Effective January 1, the rental fee for Gillsville Café will increase to $525 and $425 for the Rehab 2 Fab building.

•Mayor Roy Turpin reported the Georgia Mountain Regional Commission is working on updating the city map to include all recent annexations. Turpin said any additional annexation requests must be processed before April 30, 2020, in order to be included in the upcoming census.

•the council agreed to resume discussion regarding updates to the zoning regulations in January.

•the council agreed to continue to plan for outdoor restrooms at the city park. In addition, the council is looking to place security cameras and gates at the park in order to deter after hours access to the park.

Newly elected councilmembers will be attending training in Athens on March 4-6.

Mayor Turpin reported plans are underway for Santa to make an appearance in downtown during weekends this month.

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