A Homer received a suspicious package in the mail containing a white powdering substance, according to an incident reported to the Banks County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman reported that she received a purple package to her P.O box located in Homer with a return address from Rosemead, California. She said the return address was “Will Will.” She became suspicious because she not ordered anything and was not expecting a package.

The woman reported that she opened the package and found three vacuum sealed clear plastic bags containing a white in color powdery substance, along with three vacuum sealed silver colored bags. She stated that she could not see inside the silver colored bags but they also felt like they had a powdery substance in them.

The woman told the deputy that she looked up the return address on the Internet and found comments from other people who had received suspicious packages from the same address.

The bags were turned over to the sheriff’s office for testing.


Other recent incidents reported to the sheriff’s office includes the following:

•shoplifting at Walmart when a man was spotted putting a flashlight in his jacket and eating marshmallows without paying for them.

•reckless driving when a man was reported driving at a high rate of speed on I-85 and weaving all over the road. A deputy went to the scene and the vehicle did not stop. Two other officers joined the chase and a Georgia State Patrol officer was able to perform a “PIT maneuver” causing the driver to stop.

•a man reported receiving threatening text messages from a man he knows, including one that stated, “you’re going to die.”

•property line dispute at a Wynn Lake Road, Alto, residence. A man reported that someone moved his 9-1-1 sign and trimmed the bushes on his property.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman used the self-checkout line and scanned less expensive items than what she was actually purchasing, including scanning gum and putting gloves in her bag.

•damage to property at a Mangum Bridge Road, Maysville, address when a woman said someone damaged the door of the house.

•battery and cruelty to children during a domestic dispute at a Maysville address.

•theft by deception against a Baldwin woman who said someone used her information to access her bank account.

•forgery when a Commerce woman said her soon-to-be ex-husband forged her name on her stimulus check and cashed it.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman used the self-checkout line and did not pay for several items in her basket.

•illegal dumping when a woman said someone has been throwing trash on her property on Windmill Farm Road, Homer.

•disorderly conduct and trespassing at a Hwy. 441 business when a man kept knocking on the door of a business that was closed. A man was inside cleaning and he said he told the man that it was closed but he kept knocking. He said when he opened the door, the man formed his way into the business. He said the man grabbed him and pulled him which caused a visible red scratch on his arm. When the deputy arrived, the offender was lying in the floor of the business and said he had been shot.

•mailbox damaged at a Browns Bridge Road, Commerce.

•theft by deception when a Commerce man said he ordered an item online and did not get the correct product.

•a man said someone damaged the door of his vehicle while he was parked at Home Depot at Banks Crossing.

•a Commerce man said fraudulent charges were made on his debit card.

•disorderly conduct at a Banks Crossing business when a woman was reportedly yelling and cursing at people.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman filled her book bag with baby clothes and left the store without paying.

•two necklaces stolen from a Railroad Avenue, Lula, location.

•abandoned vehicle found at a 4th Street, Lula, address.

•theft of cash from a Commerce business.

•a man said he stayed at a friend’s residence on Hwy. 326 and parked his vehicle in the yard. He said he vehicle was gone the next morning.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman put several items in her purse and did not pay for them.

•chainsaw taken from a Loggins Road, Commerce, address.

•damage to property at a Banks Crossing motel when someone left the room with a broken mirror, two holes in the wall and a broken picture frame. The person left a note in the room to charge their credit card for the damages but it was declined.

•burglary when someone broke into Ryan’s at Banks Crossing. The games and change machine were damaged.

•two rolls of carpet stolen from a Hebron Court, Commerce, location.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman put makeup in her purse and left the store without paying for it.

•trespassing at a Henderson Road, Gillsville, address.

•theft when an employee at a Maysville business took lottery tickets and cashed them in for cash while working.


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