A woman reported to the Banks County Sheriff’s Office that she was eating at Applebee’s at Banks Crossing when a man sat at the table with her and her children and became “loud and obnoxious.”

The woman said he was using profanities and would not get up when she repeatedly asked him to move. She said a server also asked him to get up and he would not get up from the table. She said the man was “obviously intoxicated” and she did not know what to do. She said he “kept touching her on the shoulder and then grabbed her upper buttocks.”

The woman said her oldest son became upset and stood up and she was then able to push the man out of the booth so that she could get up. She said the man left the restaurant and walked to his vehicle.

A deputy was called to the scene and the woman reported the incident. The deputy talked to employees of the business and the woman and her children and reviewed a video from the restaurant.

The deputy concluded that there was not enough evidence to make an arrest on the sexual battery charges but he did find probable cause for disorderly conduct. However, an arrest was not made due to current COVID-19 procedures. The deputy explained to the offender that a warrant would be obtained for his arrest and that he would need to turn himself in at a later date.


Other recent incidents reported to the sheriff’s office include the following:

•a Dakota Drive, Alto, residence said she has been receiving harassing phone calls from a man.

•a Maysville mans said the tag is missing from his truck.

•a man said someone scratched his vehicle while it was parked in the Walmart parking lot.

•a Gillsville man said he lost his trailer tag two weeks ago.

•a woman said she was working at a Banks Crossing business when a man she knows came in and threatened her.

•battery and false imprisonment during a domestic dispute at Motel 6 at Banks Crossing.

•a man said his ex-girlfriend is making harassing phone calls to him.

•domestic dispute between a woman and her ex-boyfriend at a Hwy. 105, Baldwin, residence.

•verbal domestic dispute at an Evans Street, Homer, address.

•a man said someone slashed his tire while it was parked at a Travel Centers of America at Banks Crossing.

•mailbox damaged at a Yonah-Homer Road, Alto, address.

•dispute between a woman and her adult son at a Loggins Road, Commerce, location.

•vandalism at Webbs Creek Baptist Church when someone broke a swing and wrote “Trump 2020” and “Obama was here” in chalk on the sidewalk. Several days later, vandalism was again reported at the church with graffiti found on the sidewalk on wall of the building.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman concealed several items of clothing in her purse and attempted to leave without paying.

•trespassing at Wells Road, Homer.

•verbal dispute at a Historic Homer Highway, Homer, location.

•trespassing at a Dodge Hill Road, Maysville, location when someone was found in the pool without permission.

•threats made during a domestic dispute at an English Road, Homer, residence.

•a Beck Farm Road, Commerce, man said someone entered his vehicle without his permission.

•toolbox, pole saw and post hole digger taken from a David Hill Road, Maysville, location.

•battery during a domestic dispute at a Moss Mill Road, Alto, address.


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