A South Carolina woman said she met a man that she met online at the Best Western motel. She said they both contributed money to pay for the room. She said the man later demanded his portion of the money for the room back. She said he then took her Apple watch and ran from the room.


Other incidents reported to the sheriff’s office last week included:

•disorderly conduct and public drunkenness at Pizza Hut at Banks Crossing when a woman was intoxicated and yelling that she was going to walk to Athens to see her wife in the hospital.

•dispute at a Highway 51 North, Homer, location when a woman said a man came to the street near her property and began yelling.

•abandoned vehicle at an I-85 location.

•verbal dispute at a Scales Creek Road, Homer, location when one person reportedly threw rocks at the other one’s truck as he left the scene.

•battery when a fight between two people at a Riverbend Lane, Commerce, address turned physical.

•shoplifting at Walmart at Banks Crossing when a woman went through self-checkout and scanned cheaper prices for items.

•domestic dispute that turned physical when the man struck the woman with both hands and then spit in her face.

•a man said someone stole the tag off his vehicle while it was parked at the Super 8 Motel at Banks Crossing.

•shoplifting when three people put items in a purse at Walmart and left the store without paying.

•a Harmony Church Road, Baldwin, woman said cash was stolen from her residence.

•verbal domestic dispute between a couple at a Rock Springs Road, Lula, residence. The woman said the man also pushed her during the dispute.

•trespassing at a Highway 441, Homer, address.

•fence damaged at a Highway 63, Commerce, location.

•fraud when a man said transactions showed up on his bank account from hotels that he did not make.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a man put items in his pockets and sock and attempted to leave the store without paying.

•shoplifting when a man put a flashlight in his pocket at Walmart and attempted to leave the store without paying.

•disorderly conduct at Howard Johnson Inn at Banks Crossing when a man damaged his roommate’s car windshield by hitting it with a chair from the motel.

•trespassing when a Highway 51 North, Homer, man said he saw a man walking in the woods behind his home.

•battery at a Highway 164, Commerce, address when a man broke a door in the residence, struck someone in the face who tried to stop him, then broke a window and continued to fight with the victim who was trying to stop him.

•shoplifting at Walmart when someone in the self-checkout line was bagging items without scanning them.

•loitering in the parking lot at Fairfield Inn at Banks Crossing when a man was walking around pulling the handles on vehicles in the parking lot.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman put clothes in her purse and attempted to leave the store without paying for them.

•identity theft when someone reported that a credit card was applied for using their identification.

•shoplifting when a woman put items in a tote bag at Walmart and walked toward the exit without paying for them.

•shoplifting when a man used the self-checkout line and did not pay for all of his items.

•a Lula man said his soon-to-be ex-wife broke a camera in his residence.

•domestic dispute when a man hit a woman at a Mexico City Drive, Alto, location.

•terroristic threats and acts and obstruction of an officer at Howard Johnson Inn when a man began yelling and cursing at the clerk in the lobby. A deputy was called and asked the man several times to leave the property when he would not stop yelling and cursing. When he was arrested, he reportedly threatened to kill the officer and everyone on the scene.

•person missing from North Carolina since Dec. 20 found at a Highway 441 gas station parking lot.

•verbal domestic dispute at a Highway 326, Commerce, address.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman went through the self-checkout line but did not scan all of the items.

•shoplifting when a man attempted to leave Walmart without paying for several items.

•suspicious person reported walking up and down the road at Alto Congressional Church. When the deputy arrived, a man was beating on the church doors, screaming for the deputy to let him in so that he could sell his soul to him. The man did not have shoes on and was only wearing a long sleeve shirt and the temperature was 21 degrees. The offender continued speaking to the devil and Jesus while the deputy called for an additional unit to come to the scene. He also took off his clothes. He was transported to an area hospital.

•dispute between three people at an Alto residence that turned into a physical altercation.

•batteries stolen from a truck at an East Ridgeway Road, Commerce, address.

•theft of electrical services at a Cape Bridges Road, Homer, address.

•fight between two people over a phone at Petro Express at Banks Crossing.

•financial transaction card fraud when a man said his credit card was used two times in North Carolina.

•shoplifting at Dollar General at Banks Crossing when a man attempted to steal laundry detergent.

•possible scam when a Commerce man said he received a phone call from someone saying he owes money to a debt company.

•a woman said a gun was taken from her vehicle after she wrecked it.

•verbal fight between two people at the bar at La Hacienda at Banks Crossing.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a man took headphones out of a box and attempted to leave the store without paying.

•mailbox damaged at a Bell Acres Drive, Maysville, location.

•a woman reported being harassed by her ex-husband.

•domestic dispute when a couple reported seeing a man hit a woman three times in the face in a van in the parking lot of McDonald’s. A deputy came to the scene and talked to the couple in the van. The woman said they were arguing and her husband hit the seat but did not hit her in the face.

•domestic dispute between a couple at a Caudell Road, Homer, location. The man also took the phone from the woman when she called 9-1-1 to report the dispute.

•trespassing when a man reported being approached by a couple at Little Caesars who told him they were homeless. The couple had been previously criminally trespassed from his location and were not to return so they were arrested.

•verbal dispute between a couple at a Highway 51 North, Homer.


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