A Maysville woman was arrested after reportedly going onto a Banks County school bus and telling the children she would “whip their ass” if they did not sit down.

Crystal Reems, 40, 493 East Freeman Street, Maysville, was charged with disorderly conduct.

The transportation director reported to a deputy with the Banks County Sheriff’s Office that the woman came onto the bus at North Main Street in Maysville, against the wishes of the bus driver, and spoke to the children on the bus. The driver, who was a substitute for the regular driver, did not respond to the woman’s comments.

The woman reportedly said, “I am a parent. My daughter is seven years old. (Name of child on bus), I see you up walking around. I’m gonna bust your butt. For those of you who are older that have been on the bus, I’ve sit here and watched you guys walk around and you sit here and pick people up. Do you have any idea how unbelievably dangerous this is?”

She also reportedly told the children her name and address and said, “You know where I live. You go home and tell your Mama and Daddy or whoever you want that I came on this yelling at you. You can come to my house and bring your parents to me.”

The woman then reportedly again threatened the children, saying, “Again, I see you guys up and everything. I promise you it will be he last time you do it. This is my kid, you are not going to act like a fool so that she gets hurt. You want to act like a fool, do it on your own time. Start acting like you have manners and your parents have trained you right. You’re an embarrassment. Let me catch you up. I will wear your ass out with a whip, I promise you.”

There is surveillance video of the incident.


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