Several work trucks parked at the old Pottery Factory Mall at Banks Crossing were damaged recently, according to an incident report filed at the Banks County Sheriff’s Office.

One of the men working on the power line right-of-way project stated that the battery box was removed from one of the trucks and someone had tried to hot-wire it. He said other crew trucks were also damaged.

Tools were also found on the ground and toolboxes on several trucks were open. Batteries, wire cutters and other items were missing from the toolboxes.

A storage unit at the site was also broken into and a propane grill, saw, drill, and tools were stolen from it.

While checking out the scene, the worker noticed a dump truck missing from the work site. The dump truck was found nearby, in the Days Inn parking lot, running with no one in it.


Other recent incidents reported to the Banks County Sheriff’s Office includes the following:

•simple battery at a Lake Forest Drive, Commerce, address, during a domestic dispute between several people, including children.

•aggravated stalking at a Highway 441, Commerce, business when a woman said she was contacted four times be a man.

•shoplifting at Walmart at Banks Crossing when a woman left through the garden center without paying for several items.

•trailer stolen from a Highway 59 location.

•a Homer resident reported a missing trailer tag.

•an Alpharetta resident called to report financial transaction card fraud when his credit card was used at Home Depot at Banks Crossing without his permission.

•truck stolen from a business at Banks Crossing.

•simple assault at a Faulkner Drive, Commerce, address during a domestic dispute between a couple.

•hit and run wreck near Red Roof Inn at Banks Crossing.

•lumber and tin stolen from a Vaughn Road, Homer, residence.

•simple battery during a domestic dispute between a couple at a Barefoot Road, Lula, location.

•dispute at a Highway 441, Homer, business when a store owner said two men came into the business yelling and cursing.

•domestic dispute at Rock Springs Road, Lula, when a man stabbed a woman’s tire with a knife to stop her from leaving the residence.

•property dispute at a Moss Mill Road, Alto, location between two people.

•someone broke into a vehicle at a Mitchell Road, Maysville, address and stole several items.

•battery during a fight between a couple at a Tab Road, Alto, location.

•burglary when someone entered a home at a Garrison Shoals Road, Lula, address. The home-owner said nothing appeared to have been taken.

•a Homer man said his ex-wife came into his residence and threatened to kill him.

•shoplifting when a man took a security light and coin holder from Walmart.

•shoplifting when a man took a hat and make-up from Walmart and left without paying.

•dispute between neighbors at a Highway 105, Baldwin, address.

•domestic dispute at a Carson Road, Commerce, location.

•property damage at a Highway 51, Carnesville, address.

•shoplifting at Walmart when someone changed price tags on items and went through the self-checkout line, paying cheaper prices for more expensive items.

•theft by deception when a man said he purchased something online and it was not what he had been told it would be.

•dirt bike and chainsaw taken from a storage building at a Highway 51 North, Carnesville, address.

•wench taken from a truck at a Brewer Road, Lula, residence.

•trailer stolen from the parking lot of a Banks Crossing business.

•blower, saw and grinder taken from a Yonah-Homer Road, Alto, address.

•shots fired at a Bond Drive, Alto, location.

•domestic dispute between a couple at a Highway 441, Commerce, address.

•simple battery during a domestic dispute between a couple at a Banks Crossing motel.

•shoplifting at Walmart.

•aggravated assault at Industrial Park Drive, Commerce, when a woman said her son, step-son and their friend where followed by a man in a Chevrolet car who pulled a knife on them at a stop sign. He said the man approached their vehicle at a stop sign, said they “flipped a bird” at him and pulled out the knife.

•battery during a domestic dispute between a woman and her boyfriend at a Canup Road, Alto, residence.

•a man reported someone made terroristic threats against him in a text message.

•chainsaw and floor jack taken from a shed at a Soapstone Road, Baldwin, address.

•custody dispute at a Banks Crossing location where a couple met to exchange a child.

•gun found at an Old Highway 441 North, Alto, location.

•simple battery at a Mexico City Drive, Alto, location when a woman said the father of her children punched her in the face.

•suspicious person at a Barefoot Circle, Lula, address when a man with a “bloody head” was spotted.

•a Commerce man said he was the victim of transaction card fraud when someone took money out of his account without his permission.

•dispute at a Walnut Drive, Alto, location between a woman and her boyfriend.

•two vehicles damaged while parked at a Highway 441, Commerce, location.

•$40 stolen from the cash register at Country Inn & Suites at Banks Crossing.


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