The Barrow County Board of Education will be asked to approve the demolition of the oldest wing of the Center for Innovative Teaching at its meeting Tuesday.

Joe Perno, assistant superintendent for system operations, said the bid of $114,600 would demolish the wing on the left facing the school building. Complete Demolition Services of Carrollton will be recommended for the job.

The remainder of the building was painted gray this summer. The wing to be demolished was part of the original school. The old wing has asbestos in it and that must be removed as part of tearing it down.

The CFIT has been an elementary, middle and high school. It was the Winder High School before the new Winder-Barrow High School was built. Its last use was as Russell Middle School before the new facility at the intersection of McNeal St. and West Candler Rd. was built.

Perno said improvements have been made at the school have been made in the past two years.

The demolition is “another step in that direction,” Perno said.

The school district has signed an agreement with the Barrow Community Foundation for a fundraising drive to seek $13 million for CFIT.

Land cleared by the wing will be used primarily for parking at the school, Perno said.


In other work at CFIT, Perno said an expanded dance floor has been installed and a maker’s space has been created in a Butler building at the rear of the school.

The board also will be asked to award a contract for a black ornamental fence along Candler Street. The bid is for $30,470 and would be recommended for A&T Fence Co. of Lavonia.

The Winder-Barrow High School athletic department will pay for the fences.

Perno told the board the synthetic turf is nearly complete at Winder-Barrow and will be finished in the next few days.

The synthetic turf for Apalachee High School is expected to be delivered Aug. 1 and the subgrade preparation and drainage work is done. The new press box at AHS also is done.

Perno said the district will apply for state construction funds for the single-story area at Statham Elementary School and for about 35 classrooms at Westside Middle School. He said the projects must be identified and funds requested this year for work done in 2020 and later.

The Statham work will include a refresh of finishes such as paint, flooring, new lights and ceilings.

He said the county’s growth will lead to the expansion at Westside. Perno said the state will provide about $500,000 for the work at Statham and about $1.3 million for Westside Middle School.

Both those projects are expected to start in the summer of 2020. Perno said the Westside expansion will take about 12 months.

He said the renovation work at Yargo Elementary School is complete and furniture is being installed.

Perno explained that renovation at Westside Middle has been completed. It included demolition, furniture and carpet removal and HVAC equipment has been installed.

He said work was concentrated this summer in classrooms and will be done in hallways and common areas next year.

Mechanical room work at Apalachee High School was done this summer. It included demolition and installation of new piping and equipment. Cooling tower replacement, new boilers and tanks were installed.

Work on the new high school continues well, Perno said. All of the concrete slab for the classroom building has been poured and structural steel is “well underway.” The student center building footprint is completed and the concrete foundation is 75 percent done.

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