Installed as vice governor

Katrina Baranko, Kiwanis International Trustee, installs Darryl Gumz as vice governor of the Georgia District of Kiwanis International. Pictured (L-R) are Wanda Gumz, Darryl Gumz and Katrina Baranko.

Darryl Gumz, of Jefferson, has been elected vice governor of the Georgia District of Kiwanis International.

Gumz will serve as vice governor this year, then as governor-elect next year. He will serve as governor of the organization from 2022-23.

Former three-term lieutenant governor and member of Kiwanis Clubs of Winder, Jefferson, West Jackson, Oconee County and Georgia Online, Gumz was elected vice governor of the Georgia District at the recent Georgia District Council of Delegates At Large (replacing the cancelled district convention) which was held in Savannah.

“My clubs have been so amazing in everything we did, both locally and around our district,” Gumz said. “To have clubs that are so strong and so supportive that we can send a candidate to be Vice Governor is amazing.”

Joann Smith, president of the Winder club, said the Kiwanis Club of Winder is "very proud of Gumz and all he has accomplished.

"He is a true Kiwanian, dedicated to the purpose of Kiwanis International and living out his passion of making the world a better place for all children,” Smith said. “I am personally grateful for his influence in my life and his encouragement during my term as President of the club.”

Kiwanis is known worldwide for its work to improve the lives of children.

“We have service leadership programs in several schools in Barrow, Oconee and Jackson counties,” Gumz said, referring to Key Clubs in high schools and Bring Up Grades (BUG) programs in elementary schools.

In Jackson County, students in Key Clubs do a variety of work, such as disinfecting the classrooms, providing new students with survival kits or raising money for service projects.

“We encourage them to use those life lessons and as they get older to be community activists and leaders and always provide help for those in need,” Gumz said.

The local Kiwanis clubs award up to $5,000 in scholarships every year.

On the international front, Kiwanis recently completed the Eliminate Project, created to end maternal and neonatal tetanus in Third World countries through the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. While club members around the world raise the funds, UNICEF administers the vaccines to pregnant mothers as well as babies.

“Over the last 10 years, we raised $110 million worldwide for Eliminate,” Gumz said.

Gumz and his wife, Wanda, are both members of Kiwanis clubs together and continue to serve locally.


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