The Winder Public Library will host a webinar with decluttering expert Shannon Huneycutt at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 25.

The “Spark Joy” webinar will teach attendees the “KonMari philosophy and guiding principles needed to tidy once and for all and leave feeling motivated to ‘Spark Joy’ in your home, office, and life,” organizers said in a news release.

There will be a special giveaway at the end of the presentation, as well as an opportunity to ask Huneycutt questions. She is requesting that attendees bring a standard T-shirt and pair of pants for the folding activity as they will be learning the famous KonMari Vertical folding technique. Huneycutt will also be sharing her Spark Joy Charlotte tidying checklist for people to use on their tidying journey! You can pick up a copy at the Winder Library or print from the link provided on our Facebook page.

“Be sure to have on hand when you attend the webinar,” organizers said.

Reservations are required to receive the webinar link via email and can be made by calling the library at 770-867-2762, ext. 2, or emailing

“Contact us today as spots are limited,” organizers said.

Huneycutt is the founder of Spark Joy Charlotte and a certified Silver level KonMari consultant trained by tidying expert Marie Kondo. Kondo is the author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and the creator of the KonMari MethodTM, which is a style of tidying focusing on “decluttering and organizing your space by keeping only those items you love,” according to the release. Her mission is to “provide you with the necessary skills needed to maintain a tidy home for life,” the release said.

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