The City of Winder has 13 applicants for its vacant city administrator position, Mayor David Maynard told the city council during a called meeting Thursday, March 26.

Maynard and councilmen Sonny Morris and Chris Akins, who are part of a search committee set up by a city ordinance, will now begin going through the applications and whittling down the field to a set of finalists.

The position has been vacant officially since Feb. 19. Donald Toms, who had been with the city since 2010, informed the mayor and council on Feb. 5 he was stepping down. The decision came the morning after a closed session the council held to discuss “personnel” matters, but it has not publicly been disclosed what was discussed during that session.

The city posted the position Feb. 24 and spent a month receiving applications. The listed qualifications included “at least five years of experience in a governmental management role.”

“We do have some promising (applications),” Maynard told the council at the called meeting.

While the committee hasn’t set a definitive number of “finalists” it will select, any of those would undergo a phone interview and possibly a face-to-face interview.

The committee ideally would like to make a recommendation within a couple of months, but it’s unclear how that timing might be affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We’d probably want to have a meet-and-greet with the whole council (with a finalist or finalists) before any kind of vote,” Maynard said.



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