Another resident death from COVID-19 at Winder Health Care and Rehabilitation was reported this week by facility and the state, bringing the death toll at the nursing home on East May Street to 17.

As of the latest daily report released by the Georgia Department of Community Health on Tuesday, June 9, 6,188 residents and 2,695 employees at 427 various long-term care facilities around the state have tested positive for coronavirus while 1,107 residents have died, accounting for 48 percent of the total confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Georgia.

According to the DCH, 3,170 residents of those facilities have recovered, a new metric the department started reporting last week.

Winder Health Care has been one of the hardest-hit facilities in the state with 94 residents and 27 employees testing positive since the start of the outbreak. Seventy-one of the surviving 77 residents at the facility who tested positive have recovered, while only 19 current residents have yet to test positive, according to the latest DCH report.

In addition to the 17 deaths from Winder Health Care, a resident of the Mulberry Grove assisted living facility in Statham died from COVID-19 last month. An employee of Mulberry Grove also tested positive, but no other positive tests among the resident population have been reported.

Elsewhere in Barrow, Magnolia Estates of Winder on Gainesville Highway reported that a resident had tested positive. However, owner and operator Danny Rampey said last week the female resident had tested positive at a hospital for an unrelated issue and is currently at a rehab facility in another county. The woman never showed any symptoms of COVID-19 and has since tested negative for coronavirus twice, Rampey said, adding that she was never in contact with any other residents or employees at Magnolia Estates while she had the virus. The woman will be quarantined for 14 days when she returns to Magnolia Estates from rehab, Rampey said.


As of 3 p.m. Tuesday, the Georgia Department of Public Health had confirmed 53,249 cases of coronavirus since the start of the outbreak and 2,285 deaths from COVID-19 — with more than 5,000 cases and 183 more deaths being confirmed in the past week.

Since the start of the outbreak, 356 Barrow County residents have tested positive and 20 have died, and 28 more cases and two deaths have been confirmed in the past week.

The department lists confirmed cases and deaths by their official county of residence

and uses the address provided on death certificates, so the actual Barrow County death

toll from COVID-19 remains unclear but is likely higher.

The DPH last week switched to one-time daily updates in attempt to provide more real-time, accurate data.

Local data show the virus continues to linger in Barrow County. Northeast Georgia Health System officials reported Tuesday that two patients confirmed to have coronavirus were being treated at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Barrow in Winder after no positive patients were reported Monday, June 8. It was the first day multiple COVID-19-positive patients had been reported at the hospital since May 20, when there were seven.

Across all of NGHS, 66 patients confirmed to have coronavirus were being treated Tuesday, while another 15 were awaiting test results. A total of 789 patients with COVID-19 have been discharged from the system’s hospitals, while 98 have died.

All Georgians are eligible to receive a free COVID-19 test, regardless of whether they are symptomatic, and are encouraged to do so. People can schedule a testing appointment through their local health department, which will direct them to their closest or most convenient testing site.

Editor’s note: In a story in the June 3 edition about the coronavirus pandemic, it was inaccurately reported that only six current residents of Winder Health Care had tested positive for COVID-19. The number of COVID-19-positive residents at each facility listed by the DCH includes those who have died.


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