A new wastewater lift station is set to be constructed in Auburn, and the city will be splitting the cost of the improvements with Barrow County and developers the station will help service.

During its Thursday, Feb. 6 meeting, the city council approved a participation agreement for several parties to share the costs of Phase 1 of the Sixth Street lift station.

Phase 1 of the work is projected to cost $2.44 million to design and construct and will be split by Barrow County and the city, Schmit and Associates (the developer helping the city with a future mixed-use development that will include a new municipal complex) Yost Communities (Auburn Station) and Rocklynn Homes (Townes of Auburn) on a pro rata basis, based on the equivalent of residential units the station will serve.

Barrow County is contributing $840,000, while Rocklynn (34.88 percent) and Yost (33.62 percent) will contribute more than two-thirds of the pro rata share. The city and Schmit and Associates will have an equal 15.75-percent contribution.

Phase 1 of the project will be to design and construct the station and a 12-inch force main to the county’s sewer collection system that discharges to the Tanners Bridge wastewater treatment facility. Phase 2 will be design and construction of upgrades to the lift station near Ingles and a new force main that will discharged into the Sixth Street station.

The second phase is projected to cost $950,000 and will be funded entirely by the county through SPLOST money.


In other business at its Feb. 6 meeting, the council:

•approved a request to rezone 6.55 acres on McCully Drive for the construction of four single-family homes.

•approved raising the pay for Municipal Court solicitor Anna Pearce and public defender Robert Piccaretto from $250 to $300 per two-hour blocks. Funding for the increase was scheduled in the Fiscal Year 2020 budget.

•approved a local Eagle Scout project by Lee Kellogg to extend the split rail fencing and add an entrance at the Auburn Community Garden.


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