An Auburn police officer resigned Monday following his arrest in a domestic dispute last week at his home.

Officer Ernes Hadzic, of Winder, was arrested by the Barrow County Sheriff's Office on Jan. 20 and charged with simple battery, obstructing or hindering persons making emergency phone calls, criminal damage to property and violation of oath by a public officer.

According to a Sheriff's Office incident report, deputies responded to the home just after 8 p.m. and were told by Hadzic and the complainant that Hadzic had taken a cell phone from the complainant and smashed it. Hadzic said he believed he had the right to do so because he paid the bill for the phone and considered it his property. The complainant told deputies Hadzic grabbed the phone and broke it after seeing she had dialed 911 and that there were photos stored on the phone documenting previous injuries she had received from Hadzic.

According to the incident report, after being arrested, Hadzic said at least twice, "Some brotherhood, guys" in a sarcastic tone "clearly expressing he expected deputies should have made an exception for him and excused him from responsibility for his actions."

The complainant also met with a deputy three days earlier on Jan. 17 after Hadzic became aggressive at the home, according to a separate incident report.

Auburn police chief Carl Moulder said he learned of Hadzic's arrest Jan. 20 and met with him Monday, when Hadzic resigned in lieu of termination.

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