In the wake of the sudden takeover of downtown Winder’s 84-year-old home town bank, many questions have been raised about its new owner, Community & Southern Bank.

The Carrollton-based financial institution, in a deal with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., bought The Peoples Bank on Sept. 17 when it was closed by state regulators.

The people now running Community & Southern Bank are experienced bankers, but the bank itself didn’t exist until nine months ago. Its representatives applied to the Georgia Department of Banking & Finance for a new bank charter in October 2009.

Three months later on Jan. 6, the bank’s parent compa­ny, Community & Southern Holdings Inc., was incorporated in Delaware On Jan. 20, Robert Braswell, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Banking & Finance, approved the articles of incorporation for the brand new Georgia bank, and on Jan. 28, he approved the holding company’s application to acquire Community & Southern Bank.

The following day, the new bank was incorporated in Georgia, and that evening, it purchased from the FDIC the First National Bank of Georgia, a 64-year-old community bank in Carrollton, the first of 14 banks to fail this year in the state.

Because that initial transfer of ownership, like the one in Winder, happened in a single day, it is apparent that Community & Southern officials worked out the deal with state and federal regulators long before the company was incorporated to do business in Georgia.

Greg Hernandez, a spokesman for the FDIC, said Community & Southern officials were able to bid on the Carrollton bank prior to obtaining their bank charter because they brought to the table experienced management, plenty of core capital, and a business plan that was approved by the FDIC.

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