The Boys and Girls Club of Winder-Barrow County has launched a fundraising initiative to provide relief for its programs impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Fundraising is essential for nonprofit organizations. Due to health and safety risks surrounding COVID-19, the Boys and Girls Club of Winder-Barrow County had to cancel its annual Steak & Steak Dinner and postpone its 2020 Murder Mystery fundraiser. Both events are critical in raising funds to allow the club to continue offering essential programming throughout the year, leaders said.

“These fundraisers are crucial components in helping us ensure the families who need us most can afford to belong,” said Derek Hutchens, director of the Boys and Girls Club of Winder-Barrow County in a news release. “These fundraisers help minimize membership fees, yet also helps us to provide high-quality programs and activities to help youth achieve academic success and develop good character."

In response to the cancellation and postponement of its 2020 fundraising events, the Boys and Girls Club has launched a fundraising initiative. Donations to the club’s COVID-19 Relief Fund will:

•help the club recoup funding used to facilitate its recent Distance Learning initiative. Leaders say the initiative helped ensure students were in a safe and positive environment (had access to the technology needed, proper adult supervision, healthy meals, etc.) to engage successfully in Distance Learning prior to Barrow County schools returning to in-person instruction.

•help provide ongoing after-school programs and activities.

•help provide an affordable care option for families in need.

•help keep key staff employed.

The Boys and Girls Club serves more than 300 kids and teens annually, according to the release. It costs the club more than $2,000 per year to provide programming for one child, while the average family pays less than $300 per year for children to attend.

“The Boys and Girls Club provides youth with opportunities for positive growth,” Hutchens said. “Club staff give youth a chance to engage in fun, high-yield learning after-school activities that help them improve academically and socially. The Club provides an avenue of development and guidance that helps youth avoid risky behaviors, which can often lead to juvenile crime and alcohol and drug dependency."

Contributions to the club’s COVID-19 Relief Fund can be made in the following ways:

•through the club’s website at

•through the club’s GoFundMe, which can be found by searching for “Boys & Girls Club of Winder-Barrow County” at

•by mailing a check to 163 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Winder, GA 30680.

"It costs taxpayers almost $20,000 to incarcerate one child for one year,” Hutchens said. “Let's invest in our young people now and work to provide constructive avenues for them to develop good character and build healthy lifestyles.

“If everyone contributes something, no one has to contribute a lot."

For more information on the Boys and Girls Club of Winder-Barrow County, go to


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